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Masters of Backgammon - Online

We are waiting for you to the best backgammon game ever.

All Star Basketball Challenge

**All Star Basketball Challenge: Step into an Exciting World of Basketball. We offer you a brand new and addictive basketball experience! Welcome to the All Star Basketball Competition! This exciting game is not only for basketball fans, but for all players who are ready to dive into the magical world of idle clicker mechanics. Show off your basketball skills, have fun, win prizes and embark on an unforgettable sports adventure!

Basketball Runner

“Basketball Runner” is a fast-paced and entertaining running game that offers an exciting experience as you move around the track with your ball character, testing your skills along the way. Enjoy the running experience for fun while improving your skills. The main aim of the game is to take control of your character and progress on a straight path, passing through basketball hoops and overcoming obstacles. Depicting your character as a bouncing ball while moving makes the game both fun and unique. Collecting basketballs while running is critical as it increases in-game points and allows you to improve your character’s abilities.

VodaBlock - Word Game

VodaBlock: Endless Fun and Brilliant Word Puzzle!

With VodaBlock you will push the limits of word puzzles and improve your vocabulary. This addictive game offers an experience full of fun and intelligence, opening the door to a world full of endless levels in Turkish and English languages.

Dword - Word Game

Dword – Word Game is a great game to improve and expand your vocabulary. It is offered with modes such as solo mode and daily word questions. In addition, the game becomes even more exciting with many wildcard features.

Dword – Word Game contains more than 7500 words in English.

Soccer Kick - Football Penalty

Soccer Kick – Football Penalty is an exciting game that offers an exciting gaming experience for football fans. It allows you to immerse yourself in the excitement of penalty kicks and free kicks. Show off your skills and lead your team to victory!

Joker Solitaire

Joker Solitaire: A Classic Solitaire Game Combining Fun and Strategy. Joker Solitaire is an exciting card game specially designed for solitaire enthusiasts. In this classic solitaire game full of unique Joker cards, you will experience fun and strategic gameplay that will test your skills.

3D Block Puzzle

Cubes combine and explode! 🧊🔥

Stack the pieces on top of each other, destroy them, and clear the area to reach the 10th floor and above. 💣 Bomb Power-Up 💣

If cubes challenge you, use the bomb power-up to blow up all the blocks! This explosive ability gives you the chance to break through obstacles and set new records with spectacular explosions.

Colored Jars Breaking

Smash Colored Jars – Breaking Colored Jars

Welcome to our world full of fun and skill! Step into the fascinating world of “Colored Jar Breaking” and show off your skills in smashing vibrantly colored jars. Speed, precision and reaction time are the building blocks of this addictive game.

Rubik Games is a game development company with the mission of connecting the world through games. CSR is the developer of popular games that have been downloaded more than four billion times on mobile devices, including a variety of games with access such as Racing™, Football Kick™, Solitaire™, Dword™, VodaBlock™, Backgammon Joker™, Basketball Career™. to both Android and IOS platforms. Founded in 2022, Rubik Games’ headquarters is located in Selçuk University Teknokent.